Directions from South to North

These driving instructions will lead the traveler turn by turn up Boone Trace in a south to north direction beginning at Martin Station in Virginia, through the Cumberland Gap and on up to Boonesboro.

1. Begin at Martin Station Fort located at the Wilderness Road State Park in Virginia approximately 8 miles east of the Cumberland Gap and 0.3 mile into the park.

2. Turn right out of the park on to Hwy 58 west - 7.7 miles

 NOTE: An additional point of interest prior to turning west (right) on Hwy 58 to the Cumberland Gap is to turn east (left out of the park) to the burial site of Daniel Boone's oldest son, James, on a prior trip into Kentucky in 1773. Travel 1.2 miles and turn right on to Hwy 684 (Norray Rd). The marker will be up on the fence line on right at 0.1 mile.

3. Right at sign which reads "Historic Area Cumberland Gap, TN" - 0.3 mile -  may walk on the actual dirt trail of Boone Trace at this site

4. U-turn back to Hwy 58 west - 0.3 mile

5. Right on ramp to Hwy 58 - 2.4 miles
      - Pass through tunnel
      - Cumberland Gap Visitor Center on left (ramp on right)

6. Left on Cumberland Ave - 0.2 mile

7. Right on 15th Street - 0.3 mile

8. Left on Ashbury Ave (no street sign/street lies between Lincoln HS park on northwest corner and Middle School on southwest corner)- 0.3 mile

9. Right on 19th Street ( no street sign/Castelton Fitness building on northeast corner) - 0.9 mile

10. Left on Hurst Rd (no street sign/Hankook business company at fork in road/ Oldest
      - Continue straight through 4-way stop
      - Becomes Hwy 3486 (Old Pineville Pike)
      - Yellow Creek will be on right
      - Cross railroad track

11. Left on Hwy 25E North at stop sign (no road sign/4-lane Hwy)- 7.9 miles
      - Narrows Overlook just before Hwy119 at 5.5 miles
      - Cumberland Ford marker at Hwy 66 intersection on right at 7.1 miles

12. Right at W. Tennessee Ave through break in flood wall (also marked by "Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival" sign)- 0.4 mile
      - Cross bridge

13. Sharp right turn at yellow arrow sign (W. Kentucky Ave/no street sign) - 0.1 mile

14. Immediate sharp left turn at yellow arrow sign on right (Hwy 2015/no road sign) - 3.9 miles
      - Go through flood gate
      - Cumberland River will be on left
      - NOTE : Continue STRAIGHT at yellow arrow showing sharp left turn on to old
      - CAUTION : Continue straight through narrow zig-zag between two concrete pillars
      - Continue straight at stop sign at 11.9 miles (comes quite close to US 25E North)
      - Road becomes called 4 mile/Flat Lick Rd
      - Cross railroad track twice

15. Right at stop sign (US 25 E North/no road sign/4-lane Hwy) - 0.2 mile

16. Immediate right on to Evergreen Rd (tiny road sign just past mile marker 1 sign/look for tunnel) - 2.3 miles
      - Go through tunnel
      - Take right fork in road at telephone pole at 0.7 mile
      - Daniel Boone Park located on left at 1.6 miles
      - Warrior's Path (see street sign) splits off to right at this park

17. Right at stop sign (Ky 3085/no road sign) - 0.1 mile

18. Immediate right on to US 25E North - 2.9 miles
      - Cross Stinking Creek and then Turkey Creek

19. Right on Hwy 3439 - 2.9 miles
      - Continue straight through stop light and stop sign (crosses Hwy 1304 which leads to Shy Mug Rd (actual
                 Boone Trace)
      - Depart Boone Trace

20. Right on Hwy 3440 - 2.9 miles
      - Passes Fisher Cemetery Rd and rejoins Boone Trace

21. Left at stop sign (Hwy 11/no road sign) - 1.4 miles
      - Cross railroad track twice

22.  Right on Hwy 2418- 0.5 mile
      - Creek on right

23. Right on US 25E North- 2.9 miles

24. Left on Emanuel Loop Rd (tiny sign on left just past outdoor monument factory located on right on US 25E )- 0.1 mile

25. Left on Emanuel Hollow Rd just past Mt Pleasant Baptist Church on left- 4.7 miles
      - Pass through tunnel
      - Becomes Arkle Rd
      - 0.9 mile is gravel, some uphill
      - Cross railroad track twice
      - Poplar Branch of Richland Creek will be on left

26. Right at stop sign (Hwy 233/no road sign)- 2.0 miles to US 25E
      - Pass through 4-way stop at Gray

      - Continue past Emanuel Loop Rd on US 25E North 1.7 miles
      - Left on Ky 1232 (tiny sign just past Cumberland Valley Electric Company on left) - 4.7 miles
       - Spectacular view on left -
      - Right on Hwy 233 at Gray - 0.2 mile to US 25E
27. Cross US 25E and continue on Hwy 233 - 3.4 miles
      - CAUTION : Dangerous intersection

28. Left on Hwy 830- 0.4 miles

29. Becomes Hwy 1223 and continue straight- 0.5 miles

30. At intersection, continue straight on Hopkins Cemetery Rd bearing slightly to right - 0.5 mile
      - Cross Robinson Creek

31. Left on Echo Valley Rd- 0.5 mile

32. Right on Cherry Hill Rd - 0.7 mile
      - Raccoon Springs on left at 0.5 mile 200 feet off road

33. Right at stop sign (Walnut Rd/no road sign)- 0.3 mile

34. Left at stop sign (Hopkins Cemetery Rd/no road sign)- 2.4 mile
      - Becomes Old State Rd

35. Left at stop sign (Hwy 229/Old Barbourville Rd/no road sign)

36. Left at Levi Jackson State Park- 0.6 mile to back of park

37. Left at sign reading "Boone Trace Clubhouse and Group Campsite"- 0.2 miles
      - Marker at end of actual Boone Trace dirt path visible from parking lot

38. U-turn back out of park to Hwy 229- 0.6 mile

39. Left on Hwy 229 out of park (no road sign)- 2.7 miles

40. Right on Hwy 192- 1.4 miles
      - Cross Hwy 80

41. Left on Hal Roger Parkway- 0.8 mile

42. Right on Hwy 472 (Johnson Rd)- 0.7 mile

43. Left on Sam Black Rd- 0.9 mile

44. Right at stop (Hwy 638/no road sign)- 6.4 miles
      - Stone marker at NE corner of intersection
      - Macedonia Church at 1.8 miles

45. Left on Twin Branch Rd (tiny hidden sign under tree on sharp curve in road)- 0.3 mile

46. Right on Feltner-Steer Rd (Old Hog Rd)- 1.7 miles

47. Left on Hwy 30- 2.0 miles
      - Stone marker on SE corner of intersection

48. Right on Hwy 1394- 1.8 miles

49. Right on Murray Cemetery Rd- 0.8 mile
      - Wood's Blockhouse marker can be seen on left at 0.6 mile across Hazel Patch Creek

50. Right at stop sign (Hwy 490/no road sign)- 8.3 miles to Trace Branch Rd
      - Landrum Cemetery on left
      - Mt Carmel Church DAR marker on right at 0.5 mile
      - Winding Blade Rd stone marker at 3.1 miles on SW corner of intersection
      - Join Sheltowee Hiking Trail at 6.4 miles
      - Cross Rockcastle River at 6.6 miles
      - Pass Trace Branch Rd on right at 8.3 miles

LEAVE BOONE TRACE AT THIS POINT (which proceeds up Trace Branch Rd)

51. Continue on Hwy 490- 6.0 miles

52. Left at stop sign (still on Hwy 490)- 0.1 mile

53. Right on Hwy 25- 9.4 miles

54. Right at stop light (remain on US 25)- 1.0 mile

55. Right at stop light (McDonald's on corner) and remain on US 25- 5.6 mile
      - Historic Lodge Restaurant 1.4 miles on left

56. Right on Hwy 1617 (signs also read Hwy 1782 and Wildie Rd/do not go to Wildie)- 50 feet miles

57. Left on Hwy 1617 (Scaffold Cane Rd)- 0.2 miles
      - Cross railroad track

REJOIN BOONE TRACE (coming from Wildie)

58. Left on Old State Rd- 4.6 miles to Fairview Baptist Church
      - Roundstone Creek will be on left
      - TRICKY TURN at Sinking Valley Spgs Rd at 3.2 miles. Bear left at intersection and follow May Apple Pay Lake sign
      - Pass May Apple Pay Lake at 3.5 miles on left

59. TRICKY TURN at Fairview Baptist Church. Right at the church and keep church on right throught the turn. Continue straight (north) at the intersection with Little Clear Creek Rd on to road now called Boone Gap Rd (no road sign)- 1.4 miles
      - Pass Fairview Baptist Church on right at 0.2 mile
      - Pass through tunnel (McCollum Rd sign ON tunnel)

60. Right at stop sign (US 25/no road sign/white house on left and trailer on left)- 2.2 miles
      - Boone Gap on right at Madison/Rockcastle County line at 0.7 mile

61. Right at Slate Lick Rd (small sign/long yellow building on right)- 1.7 miles
      - Pass through tunnel
      - Slate pile on right
      - Brushy Fork Creek on left and cross over creek at bridge at 1.3 miles
      - Becomes Boone Street

62. Right at Chestnut Street- 0.4 mile

63. Right at Prospect Street- 50 feet
      - Boone Tavern DAR marker on left in grassy square

64. Right on Scaffold Cane Rd (Union Church on SE corner)- 2.3 miles
      - Cross Brushy Fork Creek again at 0.3 miles

65. Left on Hwy 1617 (Blue Lick Rd)- 5.7 miles
      - Bear Mountain on right
      - Continue straight through stop sign at 1.7 miles (Hwy 21) for 0.1 mile
      - Bear right through stop on to Blue Lick Rd (Hwy 1617)
      - Do not turn on to Shortline Pike
      - Bear left at fork in road at 2.0 miles
      - TRICKY TURN at 3.6 miles. Turn right at stop remaining on Blue Lick Rd with Johnson Rd making right
                 angle at intersection from west to north. Keep Blue Lick Baptist Church on left
      - Pass Swiss Hills subdivision (probable location of original Blue Lick) at 3.9 miles
      - Pilot Knob on right at 4.0 miles
      - Joe Lick Knob on right at 4.8 miles

66. Right at stop sign (Hwy 1016/no road sign)- 0.2 mile

67.Left at stop sign (Hwy 421/no road sign on corner but 50 feet south)- 6.3 miles
      - Hays Fork Creek on left and bending left at Hwy 499
      - Kingston at 1.8 miles
      - Pass Richmond Civil War Battlefield on left at 3.4 miles
      - Joins US 25

68. Left at stop light (Duncannon Rd/no road sign/Marathon Gas station on SW corner and sign on right directing to I-75)- 0.8 mile

69. Right on Golden Leaf Blvd (Tiny sign or no sign/look for sign to Arcadian Cove Senior Living Center and large brick facade at 4-way stop)- 0.4 mile
      - Continue straight through 4-way stop

70. Park at intersection of Cady Dr coming from east and Golden Leaf Blvd

71. Walk gravel road west opposite intersection 100 yards to DAR marker in clump of trees

72. U-turn back to Duncannon Rd through 4-way stop- 0.4 mile

73. Left at second stop sign (Duncannon Rd/no road sign/4-lane Hwy)- 0.8 mile

74. Left at stop light (Hwy 25/421/no road sign/Marathon gas station on SW corner and Army Depot straight ahead)- 3.3
      - Group markers on right at 1.8 miles

75. Right on Hwy 25/421/876/Robert Martin Bypass at stop light- 3.1 miles

76. Right on Hwy 388- 0.3 mile

77. Left at stop sign and continue on Hwy 388- 10.8 miles
      - View of Boone Trace on right down in valley from ridge line at 3.0 miles
      - Railroad track and Otter Creek cross road right to left at 4.1 miles and rejoin Boone Trace
      - Redhouse on right at 5.0 miles
      - Otter Creek will be on left
      - Pioneer Cemetery can be seen on right just past crossing railroad track
      - 75 yards off road up hill and under large tree at 8.1 miles
      - Lisle House off road and back in trees on left at 10.0 miles
      - Hart House foundation on right and Lisle Cemetery on left at 10.4 miles

78. Right at Boonesboro Park entrance by swimming pool- 0.3 mile to final destination of original fort site on right with Sycamore Hollow adjacent on left
      - Pioneer grave stones on right at this intersection with park road and Hwy 388

NOTE: The replica of Fort Boonesboro can be visited by traveling south on Hwy 627 from its intersection with Hwy 388 0.4 mile

You can dowwnload these directions as a PDF here.


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