This digital map is very user friendly, but does require Internet access. This can pose a problem if accessing while actually traveling on the Trace with a computer or mobile device. It can be done using a “Hot Spot” or relying on cell tower service, which can be spotty. Map #2 is best for use “on the road.” Map #1 does give photos and videos, so it can be enjoyed at home before leaving to see the Trace in person.

Be sure and check out all of the features in the Key on the Home Page:

  • Clicking on the solid red line will identify the “recommended” driving route to follow Boone Trace using existing paved roads.
  • Clicking on the dotted red line will identify the route of the original trace which often will go overland and has to be hiked or travelled on horseback.
  • Clicking on the icon for Visitor’s Centers will take you to a National or State Park’s web site and a short video of the park.
  • Clicking on the Streams icon will name the stream.
  • Clicking on the Historic Marker icon will show a photo of the marker, so you will know what you are looking for, and will give a brief text describing it.
  • Clicking on the POI icon will also show a photo of the site with a text.
  • The zoom feature can be very helpful allowing more detail of a certain area, or tricky turn, to clarify the route where necessary.
  • The Auto Locate feature will show your exact position relative to the route you are trying to follow on the map. Use this in conjunction with the zoom feature.
  • The Change Base Map feature will allow you to see the map as a regular streets and roads map, a satellite view or as a topographic map.
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