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Welcome to Daniel Boone's Trail. This "trail" is a collection of historic sites identified, interpreted, and in some cases maintained and operated by not-for-profit organizations collaborating in this partnership.

During March 1775, Daniel Boone and 30 axmen, many from North Carolina, marked a trail from the Long Island of the Holston River in today's Kingsport, TN, across the Cumberland Gap, and to a spot along the Kentucky River in the wilderness of then Virginia where they built a settlement they called Fort Boonesborough.

You can see the sites along that trail as they have been commemorated by subsequent generations of Americans wanting to honor America's pioneer hero, Daniel Boone, and the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who followed behind him in the next few decades. America was moving westward through its First Frontier.

"Daniel Boone's Trail" is a collaborative effort of trail groups in four states including Friends of Boone Trace.


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