Hikers are invited to join Curtis anywhere along the route and hike as much or as little as they wish. We are recruiting for a hiking organization called "Keepers of Boone Trace" which we would like to group into the five Kentucky counties along the Trace (Bell, Knox, Laurel, Rockcastle and Madison.) We plan for each group to "adopt" certain segments of the Trace with which to become familiar and to help preserve, protect, love and keep open. If you sign on, you will be given a cool T-shirt with our new logo.

Hikers should be aware that the trail is not ready for full public access as yet, and the route is still fairly rigorous and undeveloped. We welcome hikers to come along or just stop and say hello, but they should be aware that they are joining at their own risk and ask that they not sue us if something adverse happens.

The hike can be followed on Curtis' web site. He will be carrying a GPS locator which will show his position on a map every 10 minutes as he travels. See his web site for further details: www.lostinthewander.com.


Curtis Penix Hike 2016!

Curtis Penix will be leading another research expedition down Boone Trace April 2-10 to coincide with an event at the Cumberland Gap April 9-11 where a new "America the Beautiful" coin (quarter) will be released featuring pioneer history. He will be hiking from Fort Boonesborough State Park, through the Cumberland Gap and arriving at the Wilderness Road State Park eight miles into Virginia, where there is a replica of another pioneer fort called Martin’s Station.


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